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Frequently asked...


A: In a nutshell, powder coating is an electrostatic sprayed on powder that bakes in an oven to create a "candy like shell". Powder coating has evolved into a highly preferred finish over conventional liquid paint in many applications. It's tough, durable, and long lasting.


Is powder coating only available in black?  Is powder coating only available in a dull, matte, or rough finish?

A: Powder coating has come a long way. Virtually any color, texture, or finish you can imagine is available today. There are metallics, wrinkles, high gloss, matte, semi gloss, hammer tones. Also, OEM automotive matched colors, sports team colors, and many company matched colors. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Why is your shop "by appointment"?

A: Simple, this is a one man operation. Frequent walk-ins become overwhelming, especially when 75% of them are out of curiosity of things that can be answered via a phone call, email, Facebook message or Instagram DM. i.e. "How much for this?" "What's this cost?"

Also time, constant walk-ins take up a huge amount of shop time, and a good portion of those walk-ins are never seen again. 


Do you offer chrome plating or chrome finishes? 

A: While we don't offer real chrome plating, there are several different "chrome like" powder coating choices available. Chrome powders are most often used as base coats for translucent and candy finishes. We always stress to anyone inquiring into the chrome finishes that they're "chrome-ish" when used as a topcoat.

How much is a powder coated set of wheels?

A: Sets of wheels will vary in pricing based on size and the type of finished product you are looking for. For example - a set of basic 13" steel wheels in a black may run $300, while a set of 24" alloys in a two-stage (two coat) may run upwards of $700. A two-tone, hand wiped set of wheels, like a black wheel with red detail that is all hand wiped, will vary as well. 

Can I drop my vehicle off with you guys if I want my wheels powder coated?

A: No, we are not a full service, one stop shop. It is the customers obligation to have wheels/tires removed and remounted. Here at SG we powder coat many different items from wheels to marine t-tops, to motorcycle frames, so being a devoted wheel & tire shop is not our agenda. There are shops around town that may allow you to leave your vehicle for a few days while we coat your wheels. i.e. Trinity Motorsports in Pooler, GA.

Can you fix curb rash and do weld repairs to my wheels before powder coating?

A: Yes we can, to a certain extent of course. We do minor wheel repairs here at the shop, i.e. - scratch, curb rash, minor filler repair. If it's beyond our specs, we'll recommend a welding shop for major repairs.

Do you powder coat patio / outdoor furniture?

A: We no longer refinish furniture, outdoor patio sets, wrought iron chairs, etc. 

Why? After all of the time and labor invested in refinishing furniture, financially it's not in our best interest here. 

Is powder coating expensive?

A: It can be, anything can be. Some custom paint jobs at a paint and body shop can get into the $10,000 range. Yet, there is quite an assumption among the public that powder coating is the "cheaper" alternative route. Yes, powder coating can be affordable, but if you want a motorcycle frame in a triple color base coat with a metallic clear coat and properly prepped and masked off, and you're expecting to pay $125, this isn't the shop for you. There are other shops that will gladly scuff and spray for you.